CD:   $44.50


4 CD/DVD-Series

1 - The Four Portraits Of Jesus 

2 - Descriptions Of Personalities       

3 - Understanding Personality


4 - Last Words


 CD:  $30.50

 DVD:  $34.50

6 CD-Series

1 - Who Is Man? 

2 - Development of Problems       

3 - Understanding How Emotions


4 - Separation and Relationships

5 - Diagnosing Hurts

6 - Beauty For Ashes

4 CD/DVD-Series

1 - The Pastor At Home

2 - Order And Function

3 - A Father's Heart

4 - Purpose And Design​

 CD:  $30.50

 DVD:  $34.50

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Book: $12.00

In this book, you will deal with the subject of The Covenant of Marriage and how God uses this

powerful covenant to establish a "one flesh" mentality. This covenant is the glue used by God to build a strong foundation and base for the marriage-relationship.

Book: $15.99

"I pray as you read and meditate on the words of this book, you will forgive your offender as God's Word teaches. Your health, finances, family, job, ministry affiliation, marriage, and every relationship in your life will benefit. I pray you will learn The Art of Forgiving God's Way. You'll be glad you did. The Kingdom of God has need of you, healthy, whole, and free."

Book: $10.00

Each time you are tempted to fall into old habits that have never worked in your marriage, remember this little saying: "more of the same will not bring change". It's time for a change!. As you read this book, combined with prayer and the Word of God, you will learn The Art of Communication In Marriage.

CD:   $44.50

6 CD-Series

1 - In The Beginning

2 - The Marriage Covenant

3 - Prophet, Priest And Provider        

4 - The Centerpiece Of The Home

5 - Message To The Unmarried          

6 - Questions & Answers

CD:   $44.50

​6 CD-Series

1 - The Covenant Of Marriage Pt1   

2 - The Covenant Of Marriage Pt2              w/Q&A

3 - Prophet, Priest, Provider         

4 - Forgiveness In Marriage

5 - Intimacy In Marriage

6 - The Four Personality Traits