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​​​​As Senior Pastor of Berean Family Worship Center, Dr. Henderson is responsible for providing the leadership and oversight of the overall church ministry and ministry staff. 

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Dr. Walter Henderson III​,


As church administrator, Dr. Pernell-Henderson is responsible for facilitating, motivating, innovating and communicating the daily functions of the church.  

​​Dr. Pernell- Henderson ensures that the daily duties of the church are taken care of. She is responsible for training, developing, organizing and overseeing the daily needs of the church staff and congregation. Whatever tasks need to be accomplished, she secures the people and items needed to complete the task.

She is also an innovator, problem-solver and proficient in conflict resolution. She is able to think on the spot and use creativity to solve complex issues and people's concerns. She is responsible for generating and maintaining high morale among the church staff and volunteers. She is an excellent communicator and interacts with people which requires interpersonal, organizational and public speaking skills.

​​With God’s help, Dr. Henderson serves as the chief visionary to lead the church of BFWC forward in fulfilling God’s purpose and mandate in this region.​   ​​

​Dr. Henderson's love for his Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ, is reflected in his leadership to the ministry and church membership. Dr. Henderson has a genuine Shepherd's Heart for "The Body Of Christ".


Dr. Joycelyn Pernell-Henderson,

Church Executive Administrator